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Services and Procedures

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Consultations for pain arising in the...

  • Neck and thoraco-lumbar spine;

  • Shoulders, elbows, wrists and small joints of the hands;
  • Hips, knees, ankles and feet;

Consultations for pain of unknown origin;

Management of injuries to the bones and soft tissues

(muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels);


Work-related injuries;

Motor vehicle accident injuries;

Consultations for complex Orthopaedic problems

(e.g., persistent pain after joint replacement surgery or spine surgery);

Independent Orthopaedic evaluations / Second opinion consultations;

Non-surgical alternative treatment plans:

A focus on the non-surgical management of Orthopaedic conditions, emphasizing diagnosis and patient education. The Orthopaedic management will address personal preferences, lifestyle, and medical issues derived from an understanding of the individual patient.

Referrals to “the best specialist for the problem”:

When surgery appears to be unavoidable, we will discuss with you the important issues to be addressed, realistic expectations of further management, and assist you making the best choices about your care. Your choice of care should not be limited by geography and you will be referred to an individual, not just a facility, who will address your problem. We will help expedite such referrals and will follow your progress.