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Orthopaedic Care Associates , PA

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Orthopaedic Care Associates is dedicated to improving the patient’s quality of life by providing timely, compassionate and professional Orthopaedic care and at affordable rates. The patient is treated in the same manner that we would treat ourselves and our own relatives, and making ourselves available whenever they need us. We want you to join that group of patients that we now regard as part of our larger family

The “Orthopaedic“ part of Orthopaedic Care Associates reflects our professional work in addressing disorders of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles of the body, otherwise called the musculoskeletal system. Such conditions may be due to simple falls, sports related injuries, injuries suffered in the work place, motor vehicle accidents, and yes, the conditions that creep up as we all get older, such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

The “CARE” in OCA is to emphasize that we are here to listen to you, help you find the diagnosis of your symptoms and provide you with a common sense approach to the management of your condition. We will advise you on the latest non-operative treatment options, such as proper nutrition, healthy foot wear, appropriate medications and injections as well as physical therapy. When surgery is unavoidable, this too is discussed and the patient is involved in the decision making on the type, time and facility for the procedure to be done. ​